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Prospect Region, Kairn Electorate

Setting! Notes here as I define them.

Technology Notes:

  • FTL - Two methods; primary is pushing through altspace, measured in multiple's of c, but often most directly as light days per hour.
    • Secondary is something like a train-track system, since it is very much point-to-point and has limited size capacity. This technology often takes years to set up, and is poorly understood by "human" scientists.

Societal Notes:

  • The Kairn Electorate - A minor stellar empire in the Tigris constellation, with it's capital placed on the world Farlight, in the Sa-melaris system. The government is a monarchy elected by the electors, who are chosen by the planet (some by aristocracy, some by vote, some by opaque means). At the widest point across, the empire is 140 light years from point to point, but some sectors (such as the Prospect Region and the Fallen Region) are very sparsely settled.


  • Odorogi
    • Grid Location: F9
    • 13 planet system, mining system, with a Kairn Space Naval anchorage
  • Al-melaris, B0
  • Nichet, C1
  • Alixa Tigris, I2
  • Delixa Tigris, I1
  • Elixa Tigris, J1
  • Aronlicht,O1
  • Beacon of Eternity, S1
  • Erina, U0
  • Prophet's Burden, P3
  • Al-lemuria, C5
  • Mera, F4
  • Prophet's Fall, L6
  • Prophet's Rise, J7
  • Amethyst Siren,F6
  • Tairi's Rest, C9
  • Prophet's Resolve, I11
  • New Arcadia, L10
  • Satorchika, O11
  • Prophet's Memorial, K12
  • Satri, T13
  • Delta Tigris, M1
  • Alpha-2 Tigris, F12
  • Jack's Lantern, C11
  • Pentient's Redemption, E13
  • Emerald Garden, C15
  • Gemlight, U15