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Nadeshiko, in a city.

This article is both a bio for the character, but most importantly, it’s me explaining why the character is the way she is.


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Without further ado, first let’s get to the character’s bio, then my thoughts on it.

“To know who you are and what you are made for absolutely is a curse; growth happens in the discovery of possibilities.”

– Attr. to Sage of the Unknown, Kakafian school of philosophy, ~3rd century CE Terra equiv.

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Vital Statistics

  • First activation: 239209.20; deactivation 239211.01; Second reactivation: 239911.01
  • Black/Red/Violet hair parted+long;  157cm (approx 5′ 2″), 64 kg (141.09lb)
  • Soji-style synth/core AI personality matrix transfer from a Soong-type.
  • Standing 5’11, Nadeshiko wears a red and black outfit that extends to mesh beyond short sleeves, a black collar, and a long gothic dress. She almost always wears makeup, including black lipstick.

Cyberpunk android being assembled


– Nadeshiko was first activated as a remnant of the Epsilon Program in SD2392, 7 years after the synth ban put into place as a result of the attack on Mars. At the time, Starfleet Science argued that stricter programming limitations were put on the few remaining AI matricies, and that beings such as the Doctor had proven that self-aware AI could be trusted to not turn murderous.

This lasted a month before the anti-synth faction in SF Command, led by then-Commodore Oh managed to shut it down, and her body was disassembled. Her matrix was successfully saved, but consigned to deep storage.

In late 2399, when the origin of the attack was discovered, the United Federation of Planets revoked it’s internal treaty, and a new body was assembled, as a new prototype of the Coppelius androids, this time built by the Daystrom Institute. While Nadeshiko was successfully activated, her twin Sakura was not.

As her AI was originally inclined towards serving as an AI of a starship, there were immediate problems with integrating her matrix with the new body, and even after they resolved, the future of the Epsilon Program seemed to be sealed. However, as there was still some alarm on Earth and Mars, Nadeshiko asked if she could be sent to another installation to work as a science analyst.

Correspondingly, she was dispatched as a member of Daystrom under a program from Starfleet Science, and sent to Amity Outpost.

a dark and ominous storm


Nadeshiko is a reserved person in behavior, but has a distinctive makeup and dress style. Unlike most, she has a very muted emotional response and will often miss jokes and other references. While this marks her as an outlier for other Coppelius androids, cyberneticists suspect that it was her pre-existing personality matrix that allowed her to activate successfully.

Nadeshiko is also sometimes directly unafraid of danger, but very reserved in personal connections, and seems to be politely uninterested half of the time. 

However, she is also deeply conflicted about who and what she is. While she knows what she was built for, this is her second body, and is keenly aware that forces well beyond her control can dictate her possible deactivation and destruction.

“It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.”

Marcus Aurelius, Meditations



SD 239209.20 – 239211.20

USS Doyle-A

science ANALYST

Served onboard as a civilian analyst.

SD 239211.20 – 239912.01

Starfleet archives


In Deep Storage


SD 239912.01 – ongoing




The driving element of Nadeshiko is her self-crisis.


The concept behind Nadeshiko comes from both an idea Rich had, and me thinking about how to square the circle of Picard S1 making all synth live verboten. (For some reason…) with her previous activation, and the thought it’d bring on a self-crisis drove the development.


An AI image generator quirk drove the makeup but I quite like it ,and I think it’d fit with the character.





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