Qingyi – Thoughts on creation

See below for changes to the format.  Qingyi is intended as a backup character to Nadeshiko, and both are very much me playing against type.

Nadeshiko is a Spock/Seven type of character. Dry, stoic, emotionally muted.

Qingyi, though, is very much the archetype of genki girl. Energetic, and upbeat. Like Nadeshiko, she’s continuing the general trend of my characters being from not Earth in Star Trek.

Unlike Nadeshiko, she’s human and therefore: needs some time being created. I wanted someone mature enough to be a doctor in their field, since she’s also a civilian science analyst, but not so old she’s lost her youthfulness. The downside is coming up with a last name, because in a way, I wanted her to have a meaningful last name but not one that would be conventional. The first one was `Tiānbiānjìng` (天變靜) which.. roughly means (The sky has become quiet). Also, it would have been a pain to type..

Roughly. Let me be honest, I wasn’t going to pick it, but it gives a point of departure. I ended up going with Taoshinda. Largely, it’s because of an issue with her background.

Of course, Xiaomei has problems of her own, in terms of it being a iffy first name. So it didn’t survive the renaming. (Xiaomei is, as closely as I can tell, also “little sister” and used in other interesting ways.) Anyway, after a discussion, her last name retains a meaning but isn’t a meaning entirely.

Of course, Cascadia is.. a bit of a unique place because of exploring some things, but hopefully not too strange..



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The ticket to the future is always open.


picture of Qingyi

Vital Statistics

  • Born sometime in 2365, Qingyi was found at the edge of Taoshi city sometime in 2369.
  • Umbre/pink/Purple/Blue hair, usually wears a gothic outfit when out and about. Black colored eyes.
  • Human, of typical Cascadian ethnicity (East Asian mixture)
  • Standing 5′ 4″, Qingyi usually has a smile on her face, and is always on her way somewhere.

Taoshi CityTaoshi City, from the outskirts


Qingyi, born in Taoshi City, on the northwestern archipelago on the world Cascadia, does not know exactly when her birthday is, or where she was born. She celebrates it on the first day of the year, but was raised in an orphange, as is customary on Cascadia, as they view it to be a public obligation.  As she grew up, some attempts were used to find any relatives, but they were never found, an oddity that led to an investigation of the residence systems of Cascadia, eventually kicking off a massive political scandal.

As such, she was named for her personality, and her last name just means ‘of Taoshi’.

Knowing from an early age she wanted to learn more about the universe, she went to University, graduated with a PhD and then joined Federation Science, wanting to see the world.

Qingyi’s graduate thesis is on non-sub space interactions, a growing field of study for new forms of power generation.

(Note: OOC: Her birth name, unknown to her, is Li Xinyi)



Qingyi has an upbeat personality, and is very energetic about what she pursues.


SD 2394-2398

Cascadian University of the Galaxy


Did her studies here

SD 2398-239912.04

Federation Science


Worked on experimenting on iterations of discovered subspace waves


SD 239912.04 – ongoing




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