The Kiloword Challenge was a challenge to myself – every day I get annoyed at something in my writing, write a thousand words, a kiloword. These are one-shots, and I don’t revise them, and I can’t guarantee I’ll ever return to the situations, but hopefully this will at least be something interesting here.


Posts are ordered by newest to latest, and eventually, I will have more here (maybe better categorization?)


Short Story: (23 Dec 2022) Taloni’s Duty

Taloni cocked her head at the finely dressed man standing across the counter, who was looking down on her – both literally, she was shorter than him, and figuratively, as

Short Story: Salia and the box (22 Dec 2022)

 Salia woke with a start. All she could see was a black box, around her, and it was narrow – she kept hitting it when she stretched. She? She cautiously

Short Story (20/21-Dec-22): Naria’s Journey

(*Goal, 2000 words*) NARIA’S JOURNEY Naria stretched from where she had been lying down on a sliding tray, grabbing the old red and gold stained flexible piping and securing the

Short Story: 19 Dec 2022: Kylie’s Crusade

Notes: As a challenge to myself, I’m going to write at least a kiloword (1000 words) when a certain event happens. This was today’s bit. It’s likely a one-shot. Word